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Watch Winder

Watch Winder

SKU: 20

Product Introduction

The Watch Winder with Gyroscopic Movement is a device specially designed for every watch lover and art collector. Its silent motor effectively prevents the stopping of any automatic watches. It can keep your watch wound at an optimal level so they are ready to wear at any moment.

The two-axis winding system and classic design makes it become a unique collector’s piece. This will add a touch of luxury and refinement to your home or office.

You deserve one exclusive, luxurious, timeless piece. Today, become an owner of this masterpiece Or Give one to your loved one! Let’s enjoy luxury products without spending a fortune.


Product Information

Product Name:

Watch Winder with Gyroscopic Movement

Watch Style

Automatic watch / Self-Winding watch


Gold / Silver

Product Size:

18 x 12 cm




Watch Winder, AC Adapter, Adjustable C-Ring



4-mode rotation: Off, Clockwise, AntiClockwise and Mix Mode

Low noise level: less than 10-db

Built-in rechargeable battery: Up to 6 days of battery life after charged for 3 hours

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